Touch n Foam - Review

I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I was to get this "honey-do" kit in a box! By doing a review, I could get my husband to complete a few more tasks on the "honey, please do this" list. Of course I enlisted his help with my most recent review. These Touch n Foam products will help get any home ready for the winter!
I thought I'd help my husband out by assembling the top part of the cans. After all, it's just two simple pieces, the straw and the squirt cap. Silly me, I put them on upside down, which proved to my husband that I better not attempt these jobs on my own...teehee.
We, well Johnny, started with the Home Seal Minimum Expanding Sealant. It took just a minute to seal up the edge of the fireplace on the corner of the house where it's settled a bit. It was, according to him, a quick and easy product to use.

I think it looks quite nice. By sealing it up, we'll save on energy costs and protect our home! Honey-do job one completed, yay! Since he didn't use the entire can, he wanted to be able to re-use it, so he headed to the garage. He used his compressor to blow out the goo from the straw (just a bit too close to his truck), then read that acetate is a good cleaner for this product.
Job number two required the Max Fill Maximum Expanding Sealant. This spigot has been an unsightly mess since we bought the house. We've tried a couple ways to fix it, but this time Touch n Foam solved our problem.
Johnny filled the hole with Max Fill and screwed a new plate over the hole. Five minutes to another completed task! Just for good measure, he added a bit more Max Fill once the plate was installed to make sure it was tightly sealed. We are so ready for winter!
As I am standing there photo-journaling his amazing handyman skills, I noticed a perfect spot to use the third product in my "contented wife" box...the No Warp Window and Door Sealant. How exciting to get three things crossed off the list in ONE day!
So after cleaning out the second straw (you must do this immediately if you intend to reuse it), he filled the window crack in less than a minute. This window required a fill on both sides, but luckily it was the only one leaking air that we found. Bring on winter! Well, don't hurry it.
I'm happy to announce that Touch n Foam is sponsoring my blog for the Winner Wonderland Giveaway Hop (Nov 26 to Dec 4) and I get to give one lucky reader one each of these three products to take care of your own honey-do list! Get a jump-start on your entries by following Touch n Foam on Facebook and Twitter.

While you're waiting on Winner Wonderland to start, you can check out my other giveaways here.
FTC Disclosure: I received these products at no charge, in exchange for my honest review.


  1. What a great product! I definitely need the home seal for our fireplace.

  2. This is an awesome product. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love the honey-do list..mine is so long. lol Looks like your house is cozy and ready for winter!

  4. I love the photos,they do an outstanding job illustrating how easy it is to use the product!


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