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System Mechanic is the number #1 Bestselling PC tune-up software. It can fix and speed up your PC automatically so that it will run like new again. It cleans up the clutter that slows down your system and fixes registry errors, crashes and freezes. Would you like to boost your start time and web speed up to 300 percent? System Mechanic is the winner of over 100 Editor's Choice Awards!
Honestly I figured I didn't really need it, but it's kind of hard to review a product if you don't actually try it. So I loaded the disc and installed the program. Immediately I got a note there were updates I could download. I was rather impressed by that because that means that even though they are considered the best, they are still working on improvements.
After the updates installed, I ran the deep scan on my laptop. It took a good 20 minutes to go through all my files, which was a bit longer than the program estimated, but my husband said that's normal with a first scan. He is my resident computer geek and he says this program is definitely a good one. He's used it in several capacities in the past.
System Mechanic completed the scan and showed me that I apparently DO need it. The analyzer rated my file organization as FAIR and my security as GOOD (thank you to my husband for that). As I stared at a list of seven items that needed to be repaired, I was glad System Mechanic would take care of all this for me. At the push of a button, I was able to fix them all and I now have green lights on my desktop analyzer widget. Now that it's installed on my computer, I will have ongoing monitoring of my system and can optimize my system whenever I want. Hooray!

Thanks to System Mechanic, I get to give away a copy to one of my readers! You can win a copy (either a disc or a download, winner's choice) of System Mechanic in the Winner Wonderland giveaway hop, from November 26 through December 4th.

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  1. I am currently using a trial version of System Mechanic 10, and have found it to be very user-friendly and effective. I highly recommend this software for computer tuneup and maintenance.