Sponsor Spotlight - Learning Resources Ruff's House

As a preschool teacher, I know that Learning Resources is quickly becoming my go-to place for new, high quality educational supplies, also known as - toys that are so fun that the kids don't realize they are learning! I recently added Ruff's House Teaching Tactile Set to our classroom and there are few things more well-received by children than an adorable little puppy dog that fits in the palm of their little hands.
Even better, there are twenty bones included in this sturdy dog house o' joy! There are ten pairs of matching doggie bones that range from flexible bumpy rubber to squishy stuffed lamb fur fabric. Did you know that learning to sort items by characteristics is a skill your child will need to succeed in math and science? This toy helps meet that need through touch and sight!
Imagine you are four years old. Ruff's House is full of secrets from the minute you open the box. The ten rubber bones are perched on the doghouse roof. Remove the plastic from the ten bones and you discover that the bumps are different on each pair of matched colors. Remove the plastic wrap from the doghouse and you find a doggie door made of black flexible rubber. You must reach inside - it simply calls to you. Your hand touches softness and you pull out Ruff, the puppy you always wanted (that doesn't tear up shoes), plus ten more bones!
As the teacher, I'm looking at this toy thinking of all the different educational games I can play with the kids - sorting and counting and matching. Sorting by colors, counting by ones and two, and matching by texture. The kids on the other hand, want to know - is Ruff a girl or a boy? What do the bones smell like? Do the rubber ones bounce? The best comment was - How come you only got one doghouse?
All the bones finally found their way inside Ruff's House. Then the squeals of delight began - Miss Lisa, I matched two! Miss Lisa, I can do it! Miss Lisa, I did it! Miss Lisa, I matched all of them! The older children had so much fun using their fingers as eyes to pick out bones that match. They decided it was against the rules to peek inside so the game kept them busy for a good hour. The three of them took turns trying to get a match. I truly love this learning toy!
The younger children used their eyes to match the pairs, their hands to line up the pairs in two straight rows, and then even used their social skills to work together to make a bone fence around Ruff's House so Ruff would not escape. I have one child with special needs that thoroughly enjoyed just putting his hand inside to find bones. Another one of my kids loves soft sensory items and sat quietly in a chair at the table, rubbing the corduroy bone on his cheek. Yes, this is a toy that I know every preschooler will love playing with while they gain great benefits.Need a gift for a young child? This is it. My boys and my girls reach for this toy again and again.

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FTC Disclosure: I was provided this toy at no charge in exchange for my honest review.


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  2. My daughter would love this!

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  4. This sound s like a great toy addition to our daycare.