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I love to wear really unique items. I guess it's an attention thing. When I wear something, like jewelry, that has a very distinct look, people ask me about it. Since I'm just a tad shy (really I am) it gives us a starting point in a conversation. Charm Factory bracelets are like no other! Their European style beads are bold, bright, dainty, classic, unique, and beautiful - all at once. I chose the Cross Bracelet and could hardly wait for it to arrive. A few short days later, a sheepish postal worker delivered a damaged envelope to me....BOO USPS! Lucky for them, my bracelet was in perfect condition!
I love the bracelet chain....it's solid and sturdy, but dainty and feminine. It's also round so the beads move freely and comfortably. The beads on mine are blue and pink, slightly clear, and are like no other bead I've ever seen. It has a lobster claw closure which I prefer. The little silver cross sits in the center.
It came in a white gift box, securely fastened and protected. I love that the website allows you to create your own look or choose from finished bracelets. You can make it as unique as you want! I decided the real test was the wearing test during a day of daycare. I got my husband to hook me up for the day and see how I liked it.
It's the most comfortable bracelet I've ever worn. It did not get in my way, not even when changing diapers and wearing latex gloves. It didn't bother me when washing my hands 100 times a day. It didn't annoy me when typing on my laptop either. I really love my new bracelet. Charm Factory can make the bracelet in 7 1/2", 8" or 9" so you can choose the size best suited for you.
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  1. Hello! I'm following you from VoiceBoks since you're a featured member this week! I'm following you through GFC, Facebook, and Twitter as well.

    I hope you're having a wonderful rest of your weekend!

    Much Love,
    Courtney P.

    P.S. Beautiful charm! :)

  2. Lovely bracelet - I want one! I'm visiting from VoiceBoks this morning and you are a featured member - great job! ( :

  3. How fun Lisa! I really like the little cross on there. It would also be a great way to start a conversation that lead to witnessing to someone. Cool beans chica!

  4. I liked what you said about being shy but wearing unique items to create conversation. I have never thought of that. I am the same way. I think this is a great idea and it also helps out the business that created the look for you!

    Thanks for the idea!

  5. That's really nice! :D Visiting you from VB! Congrats on being a featured member! :-)

  6. Oh, I want one of these. They are so nice!

  7. Ohhh...I love Charm Factory!!!


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