Nutrisystem Update End of Week One #NSNation

Today is my 7th day on Nutrisystem. I am thrilled to announce I have lost FOUR pounds my first week. I have also made some important discoveries. I have discovered that my eating habits have been very poor for a long time. Nutrisystem has helped me realize how often I wandered into the kitchen to snack on something out of the fridge or pantry. I am now eating at three specific meals, one specific snack, and one after-dinner dessert. Each time I glance at the clock to see if it's time to eat, was a time I probably used to wander into the kitchen for food. Thanks to Nutrisystem I am well on my way to breaking that habit. I'm told 21 days of consistent behavior can break a bad habit.

Another discovery of mine this past week is that ONE bite of birthday cookie is just as delicious as 18 bites of that birthday cookie. Self-control is a large part of being healthy. Nutrisystem allows me to be in control of what I eat, while they control how much I am supposed to eat, and if I stay focused on my goal, I am assured of weight loss. Drinking 8 glasses of water every day is part of the plan, which is something I've been guilty of neglecting in the past. With the help of my Nutrisystem water bottle (that holds 32 oz of water) it is my goal to drink two entire bottles per day. I enjoy my coffee in the morning, then fill up my water bottle. When that water bottle is empty, I can have another cup of coffee. Then I must fill it again and finish it before bedtime. My first day I could only drink 6 glasses total, but have reached the goal every other day this week. I'm also making a determined effort to move more.

The best discovery about Nutrisystem is that the food is absolutely delicious. I have yet to find a single food that I don't love. I can hardly believe this food is helping me lose weight! In the past week, I've enjoyed chili, pancakes, pizza, pasta, ice cream, sloppy joes, and even macaroni and cheese. I add the elements here and there of fruits, vegetables, and proteins, and I have yet to be left hungry. I carry my meal planner book into the kitchen when I'm ready to prepare, using their checklist to make sure I get what the program allows, no more, no less. After my meal, I plug it into the online tracker program because there are kinds of neat online graphs to help me see my progress. I've also made a good friend in the online community who has the same goals as myself! Thank you Nutrisystem. Skinny jeans, here I come!
FTC Disclosure: In exchange for blogging my progress, I am receiving Nutrisystem products and services at no charge.

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  1. You go girl! Rock that weight loss :D It's really cool that the food is tasty. That really helps.


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