me4kidz MediBuddy - Review and Sponsor Spotlight

This is another one of those great ideas where you're gonna say - Now WHY didn't I think of that? Let me introduce you to the MediBuddy...a child-friendly first aid kit to go. This cute kit is packed with forty fabulous items to take care of just about any boo-boo your kids can dream up.
There are four darling little animals dancing across these first aid kits that help moms and dads to chase kids' tears away. You can choose which one your little monkey will like best! The kit is small enough to fit inside a purse, a diaper bag, a backpack, even a lunchbox.
At the same time, it is packed with FORTY latex-free items, including bandages, creams, ointments, gauze, wipes, and even stickers to encourage kids to be brave patients! This is such a great idea and I'm going to put one MediBuddy in my outdoor bag for my home daycare kids and another one in my car glove-box for my big kids. They also offer the MediBag, a full size first aid kit for families.
The website is located at www.me4kidz.com and you can find four different MediBuddy kits, plus a Diaper Bag Buddy (baby basics), a Smile Buddy (oral care kit), and a Nail Buddy (girls' nail care kit). These are PERFECT sizes of stocking stuffer gifts, so order two or three of them. Best of all, they are made in America. I'm also thrilled to announce that you can enter to win a MediBuddy in my 3000 GFC Follower Party! Check 'em out on Facebook and Twitter too.
FTC Disclosure: I received a kit at no charge in exchange for my honest review.


  1. Awesome! This would be great for back packs or even the car! thanks for sharing!

  2. This is too cute and handy!

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