The LG DoublePlay tops my Wish List

This post brought to you by LG DoublePlay™. All opinions are 100% mine.
I am drooling all over my laptop reading about the LG DoublePlay™. I now know what I want for Christmas! This phone has a full keyboard plus TWO screens. The screens can work independently or in tandem. I could update my blog while checking my Facebook. I could read my email while I watch videos. I could text my college daughter who lives three hours away while checking my son's grades on the school website. Do you text your kids alot? I probably would since they all already have phones; I'm sure they'd love to hear from me more!
The LG DoublePlay™ also has a camera and video camera so I could capture all the insane parts of my life as things happen, then upload it immediately to my Facebook blog page. I would love having the split QWERTY keyboard, and Swype, and dual touch screens - I could do so much more all at once! It features Android™ 2.3 (Gingerbread) with access to Android Market™ and offers complete user customization. Between blogging about reviews and giveaways, entering sweepstakes, and teaching eight precocious preschoolers, plus taking care of a husband and two teenage boys, this awesome toy (um, tool) could help me organize all the chaos in my life. You should check it out too!
I dream of having my blog on the go with me all the time and with the LG DoublePlay™, I could take all my social networks (and all my fabulous online friends) with me everywhere! Do you spend a lot of time on your social networks too? How many hours a month? I could do mobile couponing at the grocery store and blog about while I'm standing in line to check out. I could even send a photo to my daughter of the handsome young men bagging my groceries. I can think of so many ways the LG DoublePlay could change the way I can communicate. Can you think of more ways it would revolutionize the way you manage your social networking? This phone also has Cloud Text and Group Text too. I am amazed at all the things it does. There is just one thing on my wish list this year! This phone is available exclusively at t-Mobile. Santa? Santa! Are you paying attention?
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