American Politics Make You Mad?

Do American politics make you mad? Do you find yourself screaming at the television news? Do political commercials make you want to choke your local officials? Maybe you need a break! Perhaps it's time to schedule an escape across the northern border to Alberta, Canada! There are lots of Calgary Apartments available at great prices and you could leave American politics behind for a bit.
Heritage Park gives tourists a historical taste of the past in a fun, family theme park that chases away bad moods. Sante Spa, the first medical spa in Canada, will help soothe your frustrations and help you melt into a new sense of peace and tranquility. In the Glenbow Museum, you can get lost in the largest museum in Canada and discover interesting facts about everything under the Canada sun. Perhaps you need the outdoor adventures of hiking and fishing in Prince's Island Park. I'd love to spend a day on horseback, riding trails throughout Spruce Meadows. Where would you go if you wanted to sneak away for a while?


  1. I hope that ti never gets that bad here, but Canada is at the top of my list.


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