Ornaments With Love - Handmade and Personalized - Review

There are only a few Christmas gifts that get saved for years and years, sometimes even for generations. Handmade personalized Christmas Ornaments are one of those keepsake gifts. I was asked to review Ornaments With Love and I spent well over an hour just browsing the website. They have hundreds of choices and something for absolutely everyone.
Since I live in Texas, I chose the Personalized Western Couple Christmas Ornament on Fence. I personalized it with the year 2011 and put Johnny and Lisa on it. The online ordering system is so easy to use and the package arrived so fast! The ornament was very well packaged, in bubble wrap, then paper, then a box, then the mailing envelope. Included was a Christmas cellophane bag and tie in case I wanted to wrap it up as a gift.
A small thank you card was also included. What a nice touch! Personalized ornaments with personalized service. It just doesn't get any better than that.
My ornament is so cute. I'm so pleased with it. From the little cowboy hats to the tips of the cowboy boots, I can definitely say this one is a keepsake item. There is so much character to the ornament and it's very well made.
So head on over to www.OrnamentsWithLove.com and order personalized Christmas Ornaments for everyone you love. Their artists will create treasures your family will adore! Connect with them on Facebook and be entered to win one!
Disclosure: I received this ornament at no charge in exchange for my honest review.


  1. OH they are beautiful and so many to choose from...I will definitely order some!!

  2. Lisa, I really enjoyed my visit. It's always great to see the wonderful creations available. I'll definitely look them up to see their selections!

    Take care,
    Tom & Julie

  3. How fun is that? I adore Christmas ornaments. My family used to exchange these every year. Now just my Mom & Dad and us do. I love it though. Personalized ones make them so special!

  4. I ordered four on Oct 31...today is November 3 and I have them already!!! And they are beautiful and personalized exactly as I wanted them!!!


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