Laughing with Southwest Airlines

We flew via Southwest from Austin to Vegas for our sweepstakes trip win. I love when we end up on a plane flight that entertains. One flight attendant was quite funny. "Please pretend to pay attention while I go through all the boring emergency procedures." One of the funniest was, "Federal law prohibits the dismantling of smoke detectors and webcams in the lavatories." As she pointed out the features of our flotation device, she drawled, "in the event of a water emergency between Texas and Nevada...." and set us off laughing again. The best one was as we were landing. "Ladies and gentleman, there is a gentleman up front here who is celebrating his 100th birthday today, and today is his first flight ever!" As we clapped, she continued, "So on your way out, tell the pilot happy birthday!"

Our flight back was not as humorous, but the flight attendant did get on the loudspeaker as we were pulling up to the gate to inform us her seatbelt panel had informed her that about 15 people had already unhooked their seatbelts before reaching the gate. We heard about a dozen people quickly buckle their seatbelts back up; they must have believed she really had a seatbelt panel! Thank you Southwest Airlines for two on-time, virtually uneventful, pleasant flights!!!


  1. LOVE Southwest Airlines. You know what you are getting. Don't go in thinking you are getting 1st class service (if you want that pay 10x more and fly United or Delta). I remember once I asked for milk for my kid and the attendant told me that milk was "too fancy for Southwest." He then brought my kid a set of plastic pilot wings (which kept her entertained for the rest of the flight). Also, don't forget that at the end of every Southwest Flight you are entertained with a song (usually from one of the attendants who can't carry a tune). Won't fly anyone else.

  2. It's good to have a flight attendant like that. It takes the stress away of your travel.


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