Fix Error 400 Bad Request in Blogger

Wow, that was scary for a few minutes. My home page of my blog worked but each time I clicked an additional page, I got an Error 400 Bad Request. Apparently it isn't a new problem and has something to do with a corrupted protocol transfer. I was able to fix it using this procedure: log out of Blogger, clear cache and cookies on my browser (I use FireFox), close browser, empty recycle bin, shut down computer, wait three minutes, reboot computer, log in to Blogger. I hope this information is helpful to someone else. Thank GOD it worked for me. I was slightly annoyed. Okay I was freaking out. But I'm okay now.


  1. Once in a while I get that same error. I'm looking for a solution to fix the issue. I'm happy I saw your blog. Thanks!

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  2. Thanks for the solution. I also encounter this error a lot.

  3. http://phponwebsites.com is my blog url.. I am also get this error.... Is anyother solutions for this problem?


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