Dance With The Animals Rock N Learn DVD Review

Rock N Learn has certainly figured out the best ways to teach children! By combining music, dance, songs, colors, narration, and rhymes, Rock N Learn DVDs are teaching my preschoolers dozens of new things every week. We received a Dance With the Animals DVD and as soon as the kids saw the Rock N Learn logo, they were begging me to put it in the player for them.
As a preschool teacher, it is such a relief to find wholesome, educational videos that children love, parents approve, and I recommend. Dance With the Animals teaches the children a wide variety of information and facts about many different animals. It's a whole science lesson in itself!
The children were captivated by the new things they were learning. Animals are always fascinating to kids and this was no exception. I especially love that the video spanned forest animals, farm animals, underwater animals and so much more.
It didn't take the kids long before they were up on their feet dancing like the animals and giggling with joy. I love to see them having so much fun while they are learning!
Dancing is fun no matter the age of the child and these videos really appeal to all ages of children. The Rock N Learn website even has videos for older children too. Wouldn't your child prefer to learn math with Multiplication Rock or Division Rap? SEVEN of their DVDs help children learn test-taking strategies for science, math, reading and more!
This is one of my favorite photos of the kids while they watched Dance With the Animals! This video has won THREE awards: the iParenting Media Award, the Creative Child Magazine's Seal of Excellence, and Dr. Toy's 10 Best Videos award. This amazing company has even developed Apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch so you can take your child's learning along while you run errands!

I highly encourage you to put at least one of these awesome DVDs and CDs on your holiday gift list for the children in your life! Imagine how much fun they can have during the winter break from school, while you have the satisfaction of providing them with wholesome, educational gifts.
Disclosure: I received this product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.

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