Cerra - The Seven Intentions - Loving Kindness - #SSCerra

I've got to admit it, this Cerra program definitely has me reflecting more on their seven intentions. I was talking to someone from my church who mentioned our pastor encouraging us to list 100 blessings and my mind immediately went to the "gratitude" intention. I have not listed my 100 blessings yet, so that will be another post. This post is about Loving Kindness. I opened my new fragrance card and its scent includes fruit, lavender, and cinnamon bark. It smells really good, and stops just short of "too sweet."

Today's affirmation is: I am embracing myself and others in love and compassion.

I decided to check out the website today and use a Cerra Moment to help me be aware, act, and reflect. Since I've started a new little boy in my home daycare today, it's been a rather hectic morning. It usually takes a few weeks for children to settle into the routine, which requires a lot more direction from me. I tend to shadow the new children, helping them learn our rules and procedures for different play areas. I'm close by to help them understand what I will and won't allow here, such as stopping toy-grabbers or rock-throwers before someone gets hurt. Being on high alert takes more out of me during the day, so naptime is especially rejuvenating for me (assuming the new child actually naps, which sometimes doesn't happen the first week). Thankfully he is momentarily asleep (along with the others) so I can take a few minutes to focus on Cerra's loving kindness.

First, I used the recommended Cerra Moment of Easy on the Eyes. I relieved tension around my eyes using a self-massage method and music (which was playing anyway because of nap). It helped me to remember that loving kindness starts with caring for myself. If I don't take care of myself, I cannot properly take care of my little ones. And since they are my "God's work" I need to be ready for whatever comes my way so I can respond in loving kindness. Simply put, God is Love. So when I show loving kindness, I am sharing God in every minute of my daily life and work.


  1. I have never heard of the Cerra Intentions,seems like something worth wile. Thanks!

  2. I was reminded of the little song,
    ♫ count your blessings, name them one by one, then it will surprise you what the Lord has done ♫

  3. It is so important to take care of ourselves isn't it? I really am digging the Cerra program. What a blessing it has been!


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