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Today is the day of Courage. I'm on Day Five of the Seven Intentions and although it didn't quite work on the timeline I had planned, I'm determined to finish my seven. I love, love, love the fragrance card for courage. It contains basil, eucalyptus and thyme. To me, it smells like Christmas trees so I love it. My daily affirmation today is: I am becoming more courageous as I speak my truth.

I'm not so sure people who know me would want me to become more courageous. I'm often the squeaky wheel. You may remember my post a few weeks back about my bad experience with a certain hotel. I started out with the manager who did not respond. Then went to the booking company with no results. Then posted on my blog, my facebook and my twitter, and started tweeting out to millions. I even emailed the CEO of the hotel chain and the booking company chain. Shortly thereafter, I got a phone call and my money refunded. I really never have a problem speaking up.

I love to do public speaking events too. I've been a trainer in the field of child development for a number of years now. I love being in the spotlight. I guess my most difficult situation is small informal events. The small talk part of it is kind of uncomfortable to me. I've started reaching out more recently though, attending some bunco nights with church ladies, some smaller-scale scrapbooking events, and even having people over for dinner. So there, that's my truth in social events. And I am becoming more courageous.

I headed over to the Cerra website boutique to see what products are available in the Courage line. I think I'll order the scented candle. I'd really love to see Cerra make each of the seven scents available in a candle tart. I cannot burn candles during hours my home daycare is open, due to regulations, but I can use an electric candle tart warmer. So Cerra, be courageous and expand the line of products.

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