Try On Halloween Costumes Online

This is so fun! You just have to go play with this dress up room on JustKidCostumes.com. You can upload your photo (I mean your child's photo) and try on all kinds of great costumes! Look at these great costumes I tried on.
I could dress up as a Glamour Witch for Halloween this year. I'm sure my three sisters would say this was a perfect choice for me. JustKidCostumes.com has the largest selection of children's costumes online at great prices. Flat rate shipping is now just $4.95.
I could dress as Cleopatra and order everyone around to wait on me! Wait, that would make me sound too much like a teenager. Over 3000 costumes and accessories, and no worries your kids will see inappropriate adult costumes while you shop! Okay, what else do we have in this dress up room?
How about the Real Buzz Lightyear? I wonder if I could get my husband to dress up as Woody. Now that would be something to see! Be sure to see all their great party supplies too.
Awwww, I'm bringing home a Baby Bumble Bee!!! I wonder if this one comes in my size? Or maybe it comes with wrinkle cream to smooth out those not so smooth areas of my face. Bee serious, aren't these adorable??? Go try some on (on your kids, I mean, really).
Ah, the perfect visual for my new diet (see my Quit Eating Like a Pig Diet posts)! I've found the perfect costume for me this year at JustKidCostumes.com and you can use the dress up room to find the perfect one for your little piggy, er...baby or child. And just because I love you so much here is a fabulous 10% off code you can use....BLOGGER10. Get your favorite ones now!


  1. LOL!!! You are so funny Lisa.

  2. I was laughing.. but it really is a great idea! I'm stopping by from the BB11 event. I'm already a follower, but now I am following with FB and Twitter, too.

  3. That is hilarious. Thanks for the chuckle. :) My kids will love trying this out.

  4. Chelsea Beavens11/3/11, 7:18 PM

    Haha you are very funny. Sadly Halloween has passed, and there's no use for virtual wardrobes anymore :( thanks for the ideas for next year though!


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