Quit Eating Like a Pig Diet - Day 8

No weight change since yesterday.
Total first week weight loss 6.4 pounds.

Breakfast: shredded wheat cinnamon cereal in rice milk, coffee
Snack: carrot sticks dipped in salsa, water with lime
Lunch: wheat/vegan spaghetti leftovers, coffee
Snack: one slice vegan mango cake
Dinner: veggie salad with scotty b's hot sauce (because becoming a vegetarian doesn't have to be boring!) cinnamon applesauce, lots of ice cold water with lime
1 mile brisk walk (the dog now thinks I'm crazy)
Mood and energy fabulous!

I've had several of you comment on my lack of dairy and protein, and I truly appreciate all your comments. I understand this is an unconventional menu plan, but we're following a plant-based diet in order to prevent and reverse heart disease, outlined by Dr. Esselstyn's recommendations. We are taking a daily vitamin as well. Honestly, I don't miss eating the meat or the dairy. My energy level is up, I feel healthy, and my moods are excellent. The rice milk works perfectly with my cereal and I never liked cow milk anyway. Last night my husband noted that I was walking much faster during our evening walks. I'm also doing some strength exercises to hopefully prevent sagging as the weight comes off.


  1. Vegan mango cake?! YUM! :)

    <3-Cami from First Day of My Life

  2. I feel tons better when I don't eat dairy. I have a nasty allergy to it.


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