Quit Eating Like a Pig Diet - Day 10

No weight change. Increasing exercise!!

Breakfast - Tangelo, Coffee
Lunch - Veggie wrap (assorted fresh veggies wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla)
Snack - Carrots in Hot Sauce, Lots of Water with Lime
Dinner - Leftovers! Spicy Italian Potato Bake (potatoes, tomatoes, mushrooms, tomato sauce, green chilis, onion, diced tomatoes, basil), Melba Snack Crackers (about 8), Coffee

1/2 mile brisk walk, 1/2 hour on stationary bike, leg lifts while on my back (to flatten tummy)


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  2. You go girl! I'm getting ready to enter into the world of eating healthier and getting my jiggly belly to be not so jiggly!


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