Book Review - The Gift Giver by Jennifer Hawkins

On the afternoon of September 11 this year, I had to turn off the television. I just could not deal with any more sadness. Instead I picked up a book to read. I chose "The Gift Giver" by Jennifer Hawkins. Little did I realize it was about the sudden and tragic loss of a young woman's husband. It was a very moving story and it actually helped me heal a little bit from my annual September 11 grieving. Jennifer writes about the struggle she faced in rebuilding her life with her children. I was so moved by emotion written into every page of this book and was brought to tears several times. As she learns to cope with life on her own she finds herself being led by her husband's voice from the other side. She discovers how the loss of her husband actually saved the life of another person she loves. I was so gripped by the story that I could not put this book down. I was intrigued by the author's bridge between life and death; between here and beyond. As Jennifer learns to interact with friends and family again, it is very interesting to watch how the relationships begin and progress. Her determination is real and inspiring. It truly teaches that even in death, there is a new beginning. This is a very good read and not for the faint of heart.
Disclosure: I was given two copies of this book in exchange for my honest review. The second copy will be given away in a blog hop event coming up soon!


  1. Sometimes a moving tear-jerker is just what your in the mood for. I'm so sensitive I'd probably cry through the whole thing! I like that it sounds like there is a meaningful and inspirational twist. Also, congrats on publishing your books!
    Sarah @ made in usa challenge

  2. Sounds like an amazing book. I will have to check it out next time I get a book for my kindle.

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  3. Hi I'm also following from Monday blog hop. I'll have to put "The Gift Giver" on my list to buy this week. Thank you!

  4. Ohhh thanks for the great review! I'm always looking for new books to read so I'm definitely going to have to put this one on my list. It sounds awesome!

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