Review - Kashi TLC Bars and Berry Blossoms Cereal

I love breakfast food. I can eat a bowl cereal any time of day and cereal bars are the handiest snack ever dreamed up. Even as an adult, I usually choose kids' cereals because I love the sweet crunchiness. Adult cereals just don't have that nudge of naughtiness like a bowl of bright fruity blobs. I'd much rather have a bowl of marshmallows than a bowl of cardboard. Cereal bars are often candy bars incognito, so it's easy for me to rationalize that I'm eating healthy when in reality I'm probably not.

Today, I stretched out of my comfort zone and tried two different Kashi foods. Aren't you proud of me? My breakfast was a Kashi TLC Granola Bar. I unwrapped it and looked at it. It was obviously health food. I probably wrinkled my nose while examining it.
The layer of chocolate over the top was a bit deceiving. I wondered if it really tasted like chocolate. I picked up that Kashi TLC Peanutty Dark Chocolate Layered Granola Bar and took a bite. And another. And another. And another. I slowly chewed, savoring every delicious, chocolate covered, peanut delight.
I ate just one for breakfast and I was not hungry again until lunchtime, which helps me control portion size and quantity. This all natural granola bar did not taste like health food to me. It tasted just like a candy bar to me. I'm sold on them. If you're looking for healthy snack foods that are low in fat, low in sugar, high in protein, this is it! As my lunchtime approached, I decided it was a good day for a bowl of cereal. Isn't it always a good day for cereal?
I poured a tiny little bit of Kashi Berry Blossoms cereal into my bowl. After all, it's health food too and I'd already mostly decided I probably wasn't going to like it. It resembled an adult (aka boring) cereal to me, although the berry part intrigued me a bit. I popped one piece of the dry cereal in my mouth and wow, what a grand surprise! This cereal is awesome! Wait, this is good for me? Hooray! I added more cereal to the bowl, poured on my milk and enjoyed every sweet bite.
The box says this cereal is made with real fruit, has 18g of 7 whole grains, and 5g of fiber. Honestly though, that isn't what is important to me when it comes to cereal. For me it's all about the taste. This stuff tastes really, really good and I will definitely buy more of it. You need to try this too! Just go to the Kashi website and request your free sample. You can also link up to their Facebook page for coupons, promotions and challenges. I'm so excited to have found an adult cereal that tastes like a kids' cereal. Thank you Kashi; I'm a new fan!
Disclosure: I received both samples at no charge for this review. My opinions are always true.


  1. I love everything Kashi!
    Always buying their cereal.

  2. I love Kashi products! My favorite is the pumpkin flavored bars. So good :)

    Stopping by from the vbs!

  3. I adore Kashi products! These sound super tasty. I will look for them at Target next time it go :D

  4. I have those exact bars in my pantry right now! I have not been able to try any of their cereals yet but I am going to buy a box of those Berry Blossoms soon.



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