Review: Dycem Non Slip Solutions

I think I've finally trained my UPS guy not to ring my doorbell or knock loudly during the daycare kids' naptime. One more problem solved!

UPS recently (after naptime) brought me a new package of products that have helped me solve even more problems. Dycem sent me a huge padded envelope, filled with an assortment of their Non Slip Solutions products. I had so much fun deciding what to do with all these great Dycem solutions. Every household absolutely needs a jar opener and a bottle opener. My old one was a much flimsier opener and only lasted about a year. Dycem products are excellent quality and surpass my old one easily.

The package of four placemats will come in handy with my smallest daycare kids who can never seem to keep their plate on the table. Come to think of it, I know some clumsy adults who could really use these too. They will especially come in handy for our breakfast in bed days, because we have to carry a tray upstairs and these will prevent the sliding and slipping of dishes.

The coaster mat and the rectangle mat are a heavier thicker mat, perfect for holding kitchen items steady when mixing or cutting things. I hate when my cutting board slides across the counter while I'm cutting! No more, thanks to Dycem. They are also very easy to clean. The coaster is a good sized circle and, in addition to holding a bowl still for me, will also conveniently keep my coffee cup steady on my desk in the daycare. My laptop will appreciate the security of that, since it isn't fond of liquids.

My personal favorites, because I can use them in the daycare most, are the two absolutely adorable Dycem non slip character mats. I wish I had one for each child, because they are so going to fight over these. These mats are perfectly sized for a personal play mat. Aren't they cute? The quality of these mats is sure to outlast many preschoolers. They are also non-toxic and latex-free.

These are only a portion of the great Non Slip Products from Dycem. Go check out their website to see how they can help you find solutions for baby, home, business, boat, and so much more. Link up to their Twitter account too so you can stay informed about their promotions. Thank you Dycem!!
Disclosure: I received these samples at no charge for this review. My opinions are always true.


  1. My Mom used to have a jar opener similar to this one. She was very particular about hers...lol

    Love the hippo!

  2. We use a version of dycem at work to keep people from sliding out of their wheel chairs. Never heard of them for the kitchen or home though. Cool patterns:)

  3. I like the nice shapes, I am looking into the mats for one of my guys, I think it would help with his balance in the kitchen when he helps with chores. Thank You for the review.

  4. Very cool products! I would love to have one for my drinks as my laptop isn't fond of liquids either ;D

  5. I grew up with these things, finally someone is making them cute.


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