Randomosity's Ultimate Homeschooling Resource List for Preschool

This post is copied, word for word, from Randomosity Blog. It is very valuable information and I wanted to make sure the list is always where I can find it. I wanted to share it with my readers too. 

The Ultimate Homeschooling Resource List for Preschool

"So, you’ve decided that you want to homeschool? Or, maybe you just want to get your preschooler ready for kindergarten. Whatever the case may be, this is the list for you! I have spent hours upon hours compiling resources for those that are homeschooling for preschool. If you have any free resources to add, please leave them in the comments! All resources listed on this page are free unless otherwise noted.
VERY detailed (and free!) curriculum planner here. This is printable, but it is 180 pages! So be sure you have a new ink cartridge and lots of ink if you are going to print it.
Enchanted Learning – You can print many things here for free, or purchase the premium version for $20 per year (totally worth it in my opinion). This site covers kindergarten through third grade and beyond, so you can use it for more than one child. There are lots of great books to print. I love this site, it’s one of my favorites and has been for years.
Christian Homeschool Hub – Even if you aren’t christian, the platinum membership is only $1 a year for unlimited downloads. Worth the investment.
Free Preschool Activities - Divided into themes, months, and subjects. Includes games, crafts, worksheets, and more.
Mommy Nature – Sort by letter or by theme. Not quite as extensive and organized as the other sites, but helpful nonetheless.
HandwritingWorksheets.com – Plug in your child’s name and print. Or you could do colors, numbers, sight words, etc. You can choose your writing style, and they even have cursive for older kids.
Letter of the Week – This is a great place to start if your child hasn’t learned his/her letters yet. I will be using this a lot with Sapphire. Other (free) curricula are available on this website as well.
Preschool Palace - This site was created for educators. It has complete curricula outlined for you. It isn’t as in-depth as some of the other sites, but it is very organized (by year and by month) and helpful. Lots of free printables, too. Has pictures of actual projects completed.
Kids Sparkz – Hundreds of free curriculum pages and preschool activities to download instantly for toddlers, including alphabet, treasure hunting, numbers, and dot to dots.
Prek-8 – This site covers pre-k all the way up to 8th grade. Preschool section includes free printable flash cards.
Easy Fun School – Not very many printables here, but lots of links. I really like the Presidents Unit Studies.
A to Z Teacher Stuff – Have used this site for years and it just keeps getting better. Tons of great preschool resources. I love their themes section.
Head of the Class – Instructions matched up with various state curricula, thousands of free printables. Preschool section here. Very in-depth, tons of helpful information. One of the best sites I’ve found.
Core Knowledge – Great site for all grade levels, basically gives ideas and full lessons but not printables.
Homeschool Share – Love this site for unit studies (our favorite way to learn)!
Spelling City - Perfect for all ages, used this for Nell’s homeschooling in second grade. Everything related to spelling. Worksheets, games, etc.
Kids Know It – Makes education fun. Interactive.
Gamequarium Junior - Interactive, games.
Star Fall – Reading, games, etc. One of the best sites out there, we use it all the time. Starts with ABCs and goes all the way up to actually reading. Has games, too.
Book Adventure – Reading motivation program for children in grades K-8.
Original I See Sam Books – 1972 early reader books, free downloads.
School Sparks – Most of these are kindergarten worksheets but pre-k and kindergarten are kind of the same thing on some sites. Cutting worksheets, too!
Early Writing for Little Hands - Free ebook, traceable worksheets for every letter of the alphabet. Great resource!
2 Teaching Mommies – Love this site for unit studies!
First School – Tons of printables for preschool. Very organized, easy to use.

Full Curriculum
Charlotte Mason Style/Old-Fashioned  k-12
Ambleside (Charlotte Mason Style) k-12
Lesson Pathways k-5
Baltimore Curriculum Project k-5, no math
Pre-K Curriculum 34 weeks worth of lessons, $10

Homeschooling older kids? Not sure what to teach? Use this World Book Typical Course of Study to find out what your child should be learning in each grade." - Source: Randomosity Blog


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