Preschool Lesson: Y is for Yarn

Preschool lessons should always be concrete, in other words, the lessons must have real meaning. Today the children learned that Y is for Yarn. A picture of yarn does not always demonstrate what the word yarn means. Since knitting is rare these days, many children have never even seen yarn. We talked about where yarn comes from and what its uses are, as we created our yarn pictures. We also examined a sweater and an afghan to see some things in our world made of yarn. We learned about letter Y sound, looked at the differences between the lower-case and upper-case Y, and came up with a list of words that start with Y:  yellow, yogurt, yam, yo-yo, and yelling.


  1. How neat! Do you think Little Bit is to young for this (18 months)?

  2. My littlest one is 22 months right now and he needed some assistance, but it's the process not the product, that is important.

  3. Yes! Great! I have hands on learners too!


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