"Paper Boats Ahoy!"

Last night, when I was tucking Tobi in, he told me, "Mom I have a question."


"I really love boats..all the time!"

Ok, so it wasn't really a question, but I told him that we could do something boat-related today.

So, we made paper boats!

The kids coloured their boats, then we filled up an under-the-bed storage bin with water in the backyard to make our lake. Annie, my little waterbug, can never resist splashing. I'm actually a bit surprised that she didn't try to get in (though it could be due to the fact that the water was straight from the hose, and therefore ice cold.)

The paper I used was one the cheaper side, so the boats didn't last more than a few minutes. But it was long enough for the kids to enjoy, and with the breeze we had, the boats even floated around a bit.

This is a great project to do when talking to young children about different types of boats, what boats are used for, and how they float.

Post by Ramblings of a Christian Mom

Thank you so much Savannah for this fabulous activity! ~Lisa


  1. What a fun guest post! I remember the first time my son asked me to make him a paper air plane. Being a girl with 3 sisters, I had never made a paper air plane. I had to ask someone to teach me!

  2. Oh this looks so fun! I think I will wait a year or so to try it though. Little Bit is 18 months old and I am pretty sure he would just try to eat the boat, lol ;D

  3. When your child is old enough buy him a real boat.


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