Confessions of a Daycare Provider, Germ Edition

It never fails. I always know by that first sneeze. Not the little "oh I'm allergic to dust" sneeze, but that one that awakens every cold germ in the body. As a daycare provider, I am very prone to colds because with eight kids there are all sorts of germs bouncing through my front door daily. I rarely ever get sick enough that I have to close; then again I won't close unless my fever goes over 103 degrees F. Unless, well, you know the other stuff that causes people to not go to work. But for the most part, I can't call in sick. I have families depending on me. If I can't work, they can't work, they don't get paid, they don't want to pay me, it's a vicious circle. And we all need our incomes.

It started last week. That first sneeze. Then another. By evening my throat was scratchy. I knew it was more than allergies this time. I refused to admit I was sick. Giving in always makes it worse. I sniffled through the night, waking up once to dig through my bedside drawer for a cough drop. When I woke up to a way-to-loud alarm clock, there were three wrappers on the floor. Guess I only remember the one. I stumbled into the bathroom for some water since my mouth tasted like honey and mint and kitty litter (or something like that). I brushed my teeth and dragged myself into the shower and then down the stairs to open the daycare. Coffee, coffee, ah yes, wonderful hubby already started it. Remind me to kiss him, when I'm no longer germy.

As I chased around toddlers with tissues all day, I grinned knowing exactly where my cold came from and understanding that hey it's just part of the job. The good thing was I couldn't smell the stinky diapers because I was too stuffed up. It was really hard to sing at circle time, while sneezing and coughing but the kids didn't care how awful I sounded, so we sang of hot dogs popping in the pan, stars twinkling in the sky, and alligators eating monkeys. I was so jealous of them at naptime. I really wished for a big cot with a little cotton blanket. Instead I did paperwork and sanitized toys.

Here it is a week later, and I still have the cold. It's gone from my nose, to my head, to my chest, to my ears. I wonder if this will be another three month cold? I'm still chasing little children who are sneezing stalactites from their little noses, trying to catch it before it hits the ground. Then one who wasn't sick, sneezes. Not that little dust-bunny sneeze, that one that tells me, here we go again. I'm telling you, buy stock in facial tissues!!!


  1. oh man....NO FUN at ALL!

  2. Hi! New follower from the Thankful for Friends blog hop! Thanks for this blog.....I have a little one going into daycare soon!


  3. I hope you're feeling better now. Thanks for linking up for the Wild Wednesday Hop! Hope you're having a great week!

  4. Oh I feel your pain. I have been dreading the first cold here. Although it has been so hot and dry here it may be a few more weeks.
    I sure hope you start feeling better soon. I know that I really don't feel like chasing toddlers all day feeling.
    I'm so lucky that most of my parents have a relative or friend whom can care for their child when illness strikes (them or me).
    I may close one or two days a year. I have to be sick, sick to do so.

  5. We've had a few sniffles, and that's when I pull out the vit. C. I'm not looking forward to the winter colds and chills...yuck!
    Hope you get to feeling well soon!

  6. This reminds me that sickness will be here soon, courtesy of my daughter who just started back at school today. Oh the joys of children, eh?

  7. Oh no! Darn kids... feel better soon!

  8. I'm a teacher, so I feel your pain. You'd think we'd have monster immunities by now, but, no, I get sick probably just as often as the next person, probably more. I feel for you!

    I found you through the Cup of Joe hop. :)

    Full Cart Full Wallet

  9. Hope you get to feeling better soon. I know it's difficult for any mom to be down with a terrible head cold, but I totally admire your devotion to your job and all those parents who are depending on you to care for their children. Praying for a rapid recovery for you. :)

    Many Blessings,

  10. Awww, get better soon! I use the Emergen "C" drink mixes. It helps you to get over it a bit faster. Good luck! The weekend is nearly here!

    Found you on the blog hop! I’m your newest follower! http://www.mymoneytips4u.com/