The ABC's of Me

The ABC's of Me is a post that will provide a snapshot of yours truly. Enjoy!

A is for Author - See "Raindrop Dream" (my first book) by Lisa Weidknecht
B is for Blogger - my newest compulsion
C is for Coffee- my drink of choice
D is for Daycare provider - my career choice
"E is for Emotions" (my second book) by Lisa Weidknecht
F is for Family - who are stuck with me no matter what
G is for God - including Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, who leads me and loves me
H is for Heather - my sweet, smart, cute daughter who is all grown up now
I is for Ice cream - my favorite dessert
J is for Johnathan - my smart, handsome bonus teenage son who is a trivia buff
K is for Keys to happiness - what I strive to find each day
L is for Laptop - my most important tool
M is for Mom - of three kids
N is for Naptime - the only part of my work day in daycare that I can sit down
O is for Open - Open door, Open arms, Open heart - that's me
P is for Pizza - my favorite food that I could eat daily the rest of my life
Q is for Quiet - something I often crave and seldom experience
R is for Ryan - my smart, handsome, musical, skateboarding teenage son
S is for Sweepstakes and Scrapbooking - my favorite hobbies
T is for Texas - my home and my favorite place to be
U is for Undertall - because I'm too short for my weight
V is for Victory - over my past marriage that left many scars
W is for Wife - I'm now happily married to my best friend and soul-mate Johnny
X is for (pretty much almost nothing that describes me, sorry)
Y is for Yahtzee - our all-time favorite family game
Z is for Zany (aka Silly) which is what my daycare kids always tell me I am


  1. That was very sweet and made me feel a little weepy as a mom :)

    Sharon from voiceboks

  2. I have been enjoying reading these from different bloggers, it's fun to get to know little facts about each other!! I'm right with you on the ice cream!!! Thanks for a fun post!!

  3. Pizza is my favorite too!

  4. I love O and I'm a Texas girl too :)
    visiting from VB

  5. "U is for Undertall - because I'm too short for my weight" Describes me perfectly. If only I could grow about another 12 inches I would be fine, LOL! Thanks for the smile Lisa ;D

  6. Awesome list:) I love scrapbooking too and getting into digital scrapbooking. I'm with you on G, God is all about Faith. I'm with you on Pizza and Ice cream, yummmm.
    It's great to learn more about you.
    Español para Niños (Spanish for Kids)

  7. undertall...hahaha...I am going to use this one!

    visiting from vb

  8. Scrapbooking is a favorite hobby of mine too. My husband laughs at me for taking so many pictures. But my motto is if it is not in the scrapbook then it didn't happen.

  9. I love the "undertall" - I think that is my problem too!!

    Great list =)

  10. "U" is definitely my favorite! Ha.

  11. nice to read little facts about you :) It's my first time here and I enjoyed this post!

    p.s. I love pizza too!

    visiting from voiceboks!

    Spanish Pinay


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