Your Child's Separation Anxiety

This is one of the tip sheets I give to new parents enrolling in my daycare. Perhaps your child is beginning a new daycare or preschool this fall. I hope this helps you in some way.

Separation Anxiety Tips

Separation anxiety is very common in children ages 8 months through 5 years of age. It occurs most often with children between age 8 months and 2 years. It is very possible it is an issue we will encounter when your child comes to daycare. I encourage you to help your child’s adjustment with these tips:
  • If your child can walk, have your child walk up to the door of my home, rather than being carried. This gives a child the feeling of being big and independent, not small and needy.
  • Let the child knock on the door or ring the bell.
  • Come in and close the front door behind you.
  • Once you are both inside, your own stay during drop-off should be brief so as not to prolong the child’s distress that you are separating for the day.
  • Don't pick your child up at all once you're inside the front door - squat down to give your child a hug and a kiss, and tell them how much fun their day will be.
  • If your child reaches up to you to be held, allow me to pick up your child and provide the comfort.
  • Don’t react to your child’s crying with your own distress. If your child feels you are upset, it will upset your child even more.
  • Always make sure your child gets a big smile from you, not a worried face, as you go out the door. If you show your child that you trust me and that you know their day will be filled with fun, your child will grow more secure each day.
  • Tell your child you will be back sometime after nap-time. A child cannot tell time and doesn’t understand that you will be back at 5:00 o’clock, or after you’re done working. Give them a “benchmark” in their day to which they can relate.
  • Be patient with your child. Some children get over separation anxiety in a week, sometimes it can take several months, others it may take even longer.
Try not to feel guilty when you leave and they are crying. I have worked with hundreds of children who have experienced separation anxiety. They are often done crying by the time you are back in your car and driving away. You are welcome to email me and check on your child. We will work together to help your child adjust.
Miss Lisa

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  1. Little Bit gets separation anxiety when I drop him off at little Church while Hubs and I attend big Church. I like your tip about letting him walk into class. I am going to try this on Sunday. Thanks Miss Lisa ;D


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