Top Five Blog Hop Pet Peeves

Not all blog hops are created equal. Here are my pet peeves:
  1. Slow-loading blogs. My goodness, please make the photo files on your blog smaller so it doesn't take forever to load. Sometimes it takes so long to load, that I don't hang around to follow you.
  2. Hide and seek hops. If you are hosting a hop, it should at least be on your home page, preferably towards the top. Making me look all over the place for the hop is not nice.
  3. Security nightmares. Submitting a comment should not be like going through the airport security scanners. I don't think I need to do math or submit two codes on two different pages just to say, "I'm following your blog."
  4. Expired hops. I am beginning to think that some people don't check the links on their pages often. If you're advertising a hop that someone else is hosting, you might want to make sure the buttons work.
  5. Disappearing bloggers. You know who you are (we know who you are too). You put your link on the page and then leave without even following the host. It's just not cool.


  1. lol I thought you were going to say looking for the GFC follow button. Boy does that one get me. They are in a hop and then they don't have the widget to follow GFC or its not working.

  2. Amen sister! I hate blogs that take forever to load...and I sit there impatiently tapping my fingers while I grumble...and then leave because it's just too much! :-) Glad I'm not the only one!

  3. thanks so much for stopping by! just linked up with your weekend blog hop & new follower!

    Love this list, btw. Totally agree!

  4. Thanks for stopping by, I follow you too now!

  5. Oh so true and I have a few other pet peeves I would throw on there, lol ;D

  6. so, so true!!!! :) Love this post today!

  7. LOL, my thoughts exactly. Although I'm guilty of a few too many buttons...I get caught up in the pretty flashing button lights I guess. Maybe I'm a closet button hoarder. LOL Soon a redesign and switch is coming and I cannot wait to go to WP.

    The security nightmare and disappearing bloggers ones made me choke on my coffee. Too funny and so true! I turned off my captcha a long time ago for this very reason, most spam comments are caught in my spam folder anyway.

    Thanks for sharing this with Stop and Stumble Saturday blog hop at http://www.thislilpiglet.net/2011/07/stop-and-stumble-saturday-hop.html

    I stumble liked and Google +1'd this post. :)

  8. Well said!

    Oh and great decision to make your blog hop all weekend instead of just Sundays, I changed it in my Blog Hop Library Too!

  9. I couldn't agree more! Thanks so much for linking up to my Sisterhood Saturday blog hop and for adding the link to your library. I've added your Weekend Hop link to my library too! Have a great weekend!!!!


  10. Bloody good post! I liked it. I stumbled it. I Google Plused it. I tweeted it. I'm not gonna try to sleep with it though...

    From the Stop and Stumble Saturday hop on This lil Piglet.

  11. My biggest pet peeve is when I write about something that is really personal or a difficult time in my life and someone comments
    "new follower from the hop, hope you'll follow me back"
    At least read my post if you're going to be a follower instead of following me just to gain a follower.
    Stumbled you.

  12. How about, "Hi, I found you on the xxx hop. Please follow me back." Can't you at least pretend that you've read my post??

  13. All true...same things drive me batty!

  14. Laughing and loving it.