Twitter Stubborn

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Everyone keeps asking me about a Twitter account. I don't have one. I don't want one. I won't get one. Guess you can call me a Twit. I love my blog so I can write to my heart's content. And I "like" Facebook so I can keep in touch with friends and family and fans, but I'm truly avoiding everything else. To me, it just seems repetitive. I say what I want on my blog, then share on Facebook. Sometimes I even struggle with what to write on just those two types of media. I'm guessing that many of the people who choose to follow a blog, also follow on Facebook, and would also follow on Twitter (and Stumble, and Slideshare, and YouTube, and Digg). Isn't it mostly just the same stuff over and over? Just one big media cluster$*@%!

There are all kinds of social media to choose from and I'm sticking with the two I have now, Blogger and Facebook. I'm more than happy to share a company's Twitter links on my blog for sponsored reviews and giveaways, but it's just not for me. It sure is frustrating to me though when a Twitter Tweet is required as the mandatory entry for a contest, because that means I can't enter that one. Yep, I'm Twitter Stubborn and I'm going to stay that way!

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  1. Hi Lisa,
    You know, I've been secretly feeling the same way as you, but of course not wanting to be the only odd one out, I felt like I must tweet. So although most of the times I truly didn't know what I'm tweeting about, I just pretended like I do and sort of fill in my quota for the day. Hee hee.
    What I noticed though, some ppl really can tweet with the speed of 10 tweets per 30 seconds. And perhaps for reasons unknown to me, I had a feeling that it's one of blogging strategy --whatever that means.
    So although I do have a tweet account (and by the no of followers I have, it's kind of obvious that it's really not making that much difference LOL), yeah I tend to stick to my blog and the good ol' fb :))

    PS: thanks for giving a shoutout for me on fb :) Really appreciate it.


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