That +1 Button

What is that new +1 Button on the Share Bar?

“+1” is often used as a digital shorthand for “this is pretty cool.” It’s also a way for friends, contacts, and the rest of the world to find great things on Google search. Google launched the +1 button back in March as a way to help share web content and make search more personal and relevant. (Blogger Buzz)

I see this as the Google version of like the button you click on someone's Facebook comment when you like what they have to say. The +1 Button can now be found on blogspot blogs using the share bar. Not only is it a quick way to like what the blogger has to say, it helps fine-tune future searches for yourself and others. So, I'm encouraging all my readers to feel free to hit that +1 Button anywhere on my blog. In fact, give it a try now by finding your favorite post on Planet Weidknecht and +1 me!


  1. For some reason I can not post using my GFC id.

    I am a new gfc follower already following on facebook. I would love more gfc followers. I am always blog hoppin lol.

    Thanks for the tip on the 1 button.


  2. Glad to have someone finally explain this to me. I was wondering about it!

    Following you back from the blog hop :)

  3. following you back thanks for stopping by CRichmanFreebies

  4. Thanks for explaining this! I gave it a shot and clicked on yours :-)

  5. I saw this on my blog and wondered what it was. thanks for the explanation. I'm linking to this post on my Friday "Things I Learned This Week Post."

  6. cool..I didnt know about this

    I am a new follower from the blog hop...


  7. thanks, I had no clue what this was when i first saw it lol. have a great day


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