Kermit was Wrong, It's EASY Being Green

As a home daycare provider, I admit I use a lot of paper products. You would not believe the amount of toilet paper, paper towels, paper plates, tissues, and drawing paper that gets used in a single week here. It can be a challenge for me to "be green" but I believe if everyone takes small steps, together we can all make a difference. One of the many lessons I try to instill in my preschoolers is to be aware of ways to help the earth. We always turn off lights when we leave a room. We always use both sides of our coloring papers. We always use just one paper towel to dry our hands.

I was looking for some online lesson plans one afternoon and found Marcal Small Steps. They have an entire section dedicated to learning about small steps to improve the earth and save trees. The website has some great tools on it for teachers, parents, and kids. There are even four different lesson plans to download and use with students. My daycare kids and I used the elementary school lesson plan (with a few adjustments) to learn about trees and recycling.

Marcal Small Steps has many ways for us all to take "a small, easy step towards a greener earth." They manufacture many of the paper products that households and businesses use every day, but their earth-friendly products are 100% premium recycled. Okay, I admit I was skeptical about the quality. Maybe you remember my recent post about brand loyalty? How even a great coupon couldn't drag me away? Well, I received a sampler package from the company to try their paper towels and toilet paper.
I can honestly say that Marcal Small Steps toilet paper is of the same quality and softness as the Charmin Strong that I always buy. The only difference is Charmin does not have cute little hearts embossed onto their toilet paper. The Marcal Small Steps paper towel is excellent as well. The only advantage I see that Bounty has over Marcal Small Steps paper towels is the select-a-size option, which allows me to use half a sheet of paper towel. After each meal and snack, each preschooler gets a wet, half sheet to use as a "wipey" to clean their hands and face. The half sheet size is perfect for their little hands. The ones we used for meals today, I cut in half for the kids.

I am impressed with Marcal Small Steps and recommend you check out their website and their products. In addition to their fabulous website, you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter.
Disclosure: I received these products at no charge to review. My opinions are true and are mine.


  1. You're right. It is easy with a bit of preparation and practice.

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  2. I think baby steps are great... well, to going green anyway - Go Green Baby Steps
    I'll have to try these. Thanks for the tip.

    ~ Mona : )
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