Dear Dad

Dear Dad,
Happy Father's Day! I can hardly believe you've now been in heaven for half of my lifetime. I'm so glad that you are watching over me and can see my children from heaven. I often think God must have let you hold them as babies before he sent them to me. You are one of the greatest heroes in my life. I've been lucky to have found some other fabulous father figures since you've been gone and I like to think you had some influence over who came into my life. My kids are awesome Dad and you'd really like them. You'd really like my husband too. It's so funny when he does something that reminds me of you.Your photo sits on my dresser so I can see you every day. I miss you Dad.
Love Lisa (daughter #3)


  1. Beautiful Lisa, our daughter #3

  2. Your dad and mine are hanging out together with our heavenly Father.

    Just makes me teary eyed reading the Father's Day posts today.


  3. hi,

    'hope you could link this in to this


    thanks. =)

  4. This is so beautiful and so heartfelt.
    It makes me even more thankful I still have my dad.
    I hope your family enjoyed Father's Day.
    I'm already a GFC follower of yours, I'll have to see if I'm following you on everything yet.

  5. I'm fortunate that I still have my dad. I'm sorry yours is gone but he did great work while he was here and has a great daughter to carry on for him.

  6. Thanks for sharing this. Very sweet.

    Have a great week! (This is my weekly visit) :-)



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