Change Your Outlook

If you are at home all day long and you feel stuck in a rut, here are some great ways to change your outlook:
  • Move the furniture around.
  • Switch all the throw pillows to different rooms.
  • Lightly spray your favorite perfume on your husband's pillowcase.
  • Hand-write a love note and put it under his pillow.
  • Pick some flowers from your yard and put them in a cup of water on the windowsill.
  • Turn on some music that you seldom listen to and dance.
  • Tie a bow around any animal statues in your yard.
  • Paint your toenails with an unexpected color and go barefoot.
  • Open the curtains that are almost always closed.
  • Have a backyard picnic.
  • If it's raining, have a picnic on the family room floor.
  • Invite a neighbor over for coffee. 


  1. all I want to do is sleep. and read. and sleep some more. I will un-rut next week. how pathetic is it to procrastinate un-rutting?


  2. I am quite familiar w/ the rut, I appreciate your solutions. it can be a small adjustment in our day that make a major difference. my aaron would kill me if I rearranged the furniture, so I'd probably avoid that one :)

  3. Or you could dye your hair this real cheap looking yellow blonde color like I just did. LOL
    When I get bored then keep me away from the hair dye aisle.


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