Keeping Our Family Activities Organized

In this house, everyone has learned if it's not on Mom's calendar, it's not happening. My desk is central to the entire household and there is always a weekly calendar laying on the corner of my desk, open to this week. Everything must go onto the calendar, from the teenagers' work schedule, to the racquetball games my husband plays, to the birthdays of even the daycare children in my care. At least once a week, someone will ask me if they can go do "this" or "that" and I ask them every time, "Did you look at the calendar yet?" There are few things more irritating than making plans and finding out something was missed. Last week, one of my kids was late to an AP Exam scheduled before school that day. He was upset that they wouldn't let him in the room because he was late. Most annoying to me was the $60 that was wasted by his missing it. Organization is so very important. We are a family of five, well technically four now that my daughter is away at college, so it's important that everyone know where to be at the right time.

I found that buying a school year calendar works best for my family since we have kids in school. It allows me to write down all the school holidays at the beginning of the school year. Since we're a blended family, we also have to track which child is on visitation on which weekends and holidays. Especially since the two boys have visitations at different houses. Fortunately we worked it out years ago so that the visitations occur at pretty much the same time, giving my husband and I a few weekends alone. Now that the kids are driving though, they pretty much decide where they are going to be when, they just need to make sure it's on my calendar. Time organization is so important to me because I have so much that I'm involved in and I don't want to let anyone down. Our family calendar has worked wonders for us! What tools do you use to keep your family home running smoothly?


  1. I am a slave to my calendar. I have a paper one and an electronic one. I wrote a post about it a couple of months ago. Sometimes I just sit and look at next month on the calendar and plan things out. Other times I actually have a life.

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  3. I also use a calendar... three in fact... I have a small one for my purse, so I can see what's up while on the go. The yearly calendar hanging in the kitchen, next to the monthly dry erase calendar. The dry erase board is color coded for easy reference. As we erase a week/row (with another blank week in between) we start writing the first week of the next month in and so on.

    My purse calendar is one that shows the whole month and then has that month's weekly page after it. I use the weekly pages as almost a journal telling what we did each day. This has come in handy several times, especially when it might be necessary to look back and see just how things went on a certain day or where we were... I also use it at the end of the year when I make my yearly photo albums on york. I just go through the calendar and pull the related photos into the book in that order.

    Wow, so all I really wanted to say there was "I think organization is so important, too! And I believe I would go crazy without my calendar(s)!"


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