Family-Friendly Travel Accessories

If you have ever traveled by car with children, you know it's an absolute nightmare. Oh sure, there are some good moments, but mostly you just pray for them to take another nap. You tire of hearing those sweet little voices whining out from the back seat, "Are we there yet?" and "She's looking at me again!" and "I'm bored!"

After taking three young kids on a road trip from Texas to Missouri in a car, we actually went out and bought a minivan so we could put more room between them (and between them and us). Then we drove from Texas to California with them, wishing we'd purchased plane tickets instead, just to cut back the travel time. Although our children are now much older, we are always on the prowl for family-friendly travel accessories to make road trips less stressful. Here are some I found during my afternoon surf. Maybe they will help you tolerate your next road trip with your little darlings.


  1. The trick to traveling with kids is you wait a few years and then go when they're grown up. ;)


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    We're lucky - Princess Nagger is an awesome car traveler (good thing, since we do an annual road trip each summer! heh!) But I think I'll still check out a couple of those great ideas - because you never know... :)

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