What Defines Your Generation?

Recently I’ve seen posts by friends who are reminiscing about the “good old days” and it makes me smile. One friend commented, “I didn’t have a personal computer when I was growing up and I turned out fine.” I also recently heard, “Personal cell phone? We had one telephone, for a family of six, stuck to the kitchen wall.” Each generation has their own gadgets that help to define it. My parents’ generation was marked with the invention of the television, opening up a whole new world to them. My generation is probably most defined by the computer and internet, and the accessibility of information that comes along with that. My own children, who are in their teens and early twenties, are the mobile information generation, with handheld communication devices and laptop entertainment/work products.

In today’s world, it seems so many people are always going someplace and their technological tools/toys tend to go with them. Just as popular as the laptops and mobile phones, are all the wonderful little accessories that personalize them and protect them. I instantly liked these laptop sleeves for MacBooks and Ipads that I came across at Rickshaw. Take a look at this awesome midnight color with just a touch of bright pink (my favorite) for the MacBook Air  11” Sleeve. I also really liked the fluorescent orange color for this MacBook Air 13” Sleeve. Not only are the colors striking, but the protection they offer is important whether you are shopping at the grocery store, digital scrapbooking while you wait to get the kids from school, or blogging your way across the nation. Which one will you choose?

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