Confessions of a Daycare Provider

There are many things I love about being a daycare provider. There are things I don't like, but I try not to focus on those. Yesterday I received the firehouse from BoxOMania that I won (see earlier post). The kids are always so excited to see UPS because it's usually toys for them! After the kids left, I opened it and put it together. Seeing their faces light up this morning was priceless!!! They played firefighter all morning. I also ordered a new 5x8' carpet for the living room, where they sit for our tv time while I make lunch. They were so excited about the squishy soft new carpet and it made me laugh to see them bopping up and down on their bottoms to test it out. Outside today, I got the pleasure of receiving tiny little flowers (aka weeds) the girls pulled up from the grass. They pranced up to me with "These are for you!" The kids range in age from 2-5 years old, so I get to experience all ages and stages at once. At any given moment, I may be teaching reading, potty training, social skills, art, conflict resolution, and making snack. Children spend so much time laughing and it's one of my favorite sounds. Although I love to hear them pretend play even more. I learn so much about them when the reenact things that happen in their lives and when they take on the roles of people in their lives. It's so precious when I hear them call each other honey or sweetie. I love that we get to spend so much time outside. We get to watch the trees blossom, the grass turn green, the flowers poking up through the dirt, and the rediscovery of all the bugs we'd forgotten about over the winter. The puffy clouds float by overhead and we play with our shadows on the fence in the morning sun. One of the kids' favorite days is the day I decide it's warm enough to play wet sand, and I pour lots of water into the sand table. After playing with dry sand all winter, they love being able to make castles again. Most of all, I love the kids and they tell me daily they love me too.

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