Breaking Free from Debt

I can hardly contain my excitement. I just made the last payment towards my HH Student Loan. Another $6500.00 (plus the interest) loan, paid off forever. I felt like I was paying forever on that loan and just not getting anywhere. But my process has been to focus on one debt and pay minimums on the others. Finally it was this debt's turn for attention. I was able to pay quite a bit towards the student loan over the past few months. Each time I got a few extra dollars, I would send it to them, chipping away as much as I could. Now, I never have to send another payment to them again. I get to delete their name off my budget sheet forever. I feel like singing! I am one step closer to being debt free and it feels so good.

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  1. That is terrific. We have a ton of debt, as well. My husband "handles" the finances. I have been trying to get him to seriously work on paying off our debt.

  2. I'm so happy for you. Loosing my job and being on my own has done a number on my credit and debit. It must be the greatest feel that hopefully one day I'll feel!

  3. I know the boat you are in all too well. We just paid off $9,500 of my college credit card debt...but then I had a complicated pregnancy and ended up racking up more debt that way, sheesh! Glad to be a new GFC follower and please feel welcome over at my blog:



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