The Coffee Dilemma

I was in my forties before I ever even tried coffee. My husband decided it was time. He concocted a blend of regular coffee with a chocolate coffee and hooked me immediately. There is nothing that compares to a cup of perfect temperature coffee. It's like a big hug from the inside. I love wrapping chilled hands around a hot cup of coffee to warm them. I love that it is basically calorie-free. I don't add cream or sugar or anything else to my coffee, but I've discovered there is a coffee dilemma that I now face. I cannot drink any coffee except for the blend my husband makes. It is so good that nothing else compares to it. Coffee at restaurants is bitter and I just can't stand the taste. I don't like the specialty coffees, the fancy brand name coffees, and especially not instant coffees. I've become a coffee snob. If it's not ours, I don't want it. For the most part, this is not a problem. I work at home and spend most of my time here, so I can make it all day long. We have a couple travel mugs and a small thermos, so we can take a limited amount with us if we have errands to run. I guess I will just have to make and take a bag with me whenever I travel, although that might look slightly suspicious. I've noticed my husband has been taking filters full of coffee grounds with him to work lately. I guess he's becoming a coffee snob too.

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