Playing Poker Versus Slot Machines

My husband and I have had a few opportunities to travel to Las Vegas and Shreveport over the past ten years. He prefers to play poker and I prefer the slot machines. I guess I like the easy, relaxing, mindless activity whereas he prefers to challenge his brain and compete with others. I've always joked that a slot machine is a reverse ATM machine, since you put money in and seldom get any out. The odds of winning big money are pretty steep, but when we go to a casino to gamble, I set aside a certain amount of "entertainment money" that we can spend, and when it's gone, we're done gambling. Neither one of us has ever hit a big jackpot win, but casinos are businesses, designed to make money. My husband is more focused on playing poker well, understanding how to psychologically bluff the other players, and beating poker hand odds. He believes knowing his odds in advance is very beneficial to his game. Sometimes he does really well and other times he loses quickly. It's the same for me on slot machines. I remember once when we met his parents in Las Vegas, we didn't spend much because money was tight, but I played a couple slot machines at the airport on our way out and to my delight, I actually won enough money to cover the cost of our trip! Do you like to gamble? What's your favorite game?


  1. I've been to a few casino's but I don't play or do the slots there. I love just watching :) It's exciting just to watch sometimes.

  2. I do both - some table games (mostly blackjack) and some slots. My husband is always blackjack. Like you, we have a "set" amount of entertainment money for when we go. This way if we lose we don't have a big hole in the pocket, if we win we are happy but it never is a big "payday"

  3. Although I do know how to play poker**I much prefer the joker poker slots! Like you if and when I go to Atlantic City you are more likely to find me on the Boardwalk! I take a certain amount with me then WALK. To give you a better example--Empire City is literally 10 minutes from where I live--has been there for quite a time time (I still call it Yonkers Raceway)-I have yet to set foot in there-but then I never went when it was only a race track eihter.

  4. I like to play old-lady bingo (aka NOT cosmic bingo) because it lasts awhile so I get more bang for my buck, entertainment wise. Otherwise I blow through cash. My guy likes blackjack. He walks away with more money than he came in with more often than not.


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