Tips for Parents Considering Laser Eye Surgery

Yes, parents are the busiest people on the planet, but they still need to make time to take care of important things, like regular health check-ups. And that includes eye exams and any operations that will improve their vision and quality of life.

Dr. Steven Dell, who is one of Austin’s top ophthalmologists, offers the following advice to parents who are considering laser eye surgery for themselves:

Do your homework and really educate yourself about all your options, including the different procedures, new technologies and surgeons in your area.

Talk with your surgeon
Have a conversation with your surgeon about your circumstances as a parent, particularly if you have babies, toddlers or a special needs child who requires more of your attention than an older child or teenager. You will want to know what your physical limitations will be during the recovery and healing process. The types of questions Dr. Dell usually gets asked – and his answers – include:

When will I be able to drive after surgery? You should be able to drive the next day. This means that you will have to have someone drop you off and pick you up on the day of your surgery.
When can I return to caring for my family? It’s important that you give your body some time to rest after your surgery, so make arrangements for someone else to take care of your kids the day of your operation. You can return to your normal routine the next day.
When can I shower or bathe? It’s okay to take showers the next day; but avoid taking a bath or going in the hot tub for at least a week. You can bathe your children as long as you wear protective eyewear for the first week.

Prepare your kids
Talk with your kids before your surgery to reassure them that mom or dad will soon be back to normal. Many surgical practices provide a post-op care kit prior to surgery that includes a sleep shield or protective goggles and these can be good props to use during your chat.

Parents who are interested in finding out more about Dr. Dell and LASIK can visit www.dellvision.com and www.americanrefractivesurgerycouncil.org.


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