New Year, New Look for Men

The new year is here and it’s time to upgrade your look. Time to chuck the old look out of the window and go for what’s happening in fashion. In this article we discuss a few trends in men’s fashion and grooming.

Men’s Fashion Trends for 2013

Come new year, things not only look different, but also fresh on the fashion scene. Here are a style tips to make yourself look good in this new year...

1. Colors: There’s no doubt about the fact that navy blue was the “in thing” for men’s clothing in the year 2012, which is why blue is still very much happening this new year too. However, it’s not as dark as it was; it’s a bit more lighter with strong mid-tones. Think a clean, clear lake.

2. Patterns: The focus in 2013 is on plurality. What does this mean? Men need to get comfy with the idea of owning more than just “plaid”. It’s about mixing/matching two different patterns in order to create a real contrast in the look.

3. Fabrics: Yes, cotton is a safe fabric to go for, but it’s also very common. The fabrics that you should try this new year are wool and tweed. When you wear tweed, it adds a rustic feel to your sports jacket/blazer and wool works great as a part of a sweater.

4. Watch: While this is not a real fashion trend that is exclusive for 2013, it does make a difference. To keep up and change the wristband of your watch is a worthy style practice. Go for straps that suit your personal style.

Facial Hair Trends for the New Year

Let’s face it, facial hair on men has always been seen as an attractive feature. So how have facial hair trends evolved and what do they look like this new year? Let's find out...

#1: Classic Beard: Want to look all sophisticated and mysterious? Then go for the classic beard look where you look ungroomed, but stylish. Having this type of beard requires you to do some trimming and shaving, for which you can use one of those safety razors. This helps you keep the smooth lines.

#2: Goatee: Although it has been around for centuries, this style that has been popularized by none other than Johnny Depp where you have a french style mustache and beard, which is also known as goatee. What makes it different from the traditional french beard is that it’s “low key” and doesn’t cover a lot of facial area.

#3: Stubble: Whether you want to keep it well groomed or leave it scruffy, stubble is in style yet again in the year 2012. It’s something that women love on men since it gives out a raw feel. For men it’s low maintenance style as it looks manly and doesn’t need a big commitment.

Regardless of how fashion conscious you are, the tips that we discussed above will most definitely help you upgrade your look for 2013.

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