Three Spectacular Solutions for Beauty Supply Storage

With the growing popularity of high-end beauty products in department stores and beauty supply stores, our bathroom drawers, cabinets, and closets likely have many different types and offerings for beauty supplies cluttering their shelves. Many different items are now available to enhance your appearance from hair supplies like barrettes, styling combs, human hair extensions, to make-up and skin care supplies like lotions, face washes, masks, and exfoliators. Don’t waste time trying to find the perfect product or tool for your beauty regimen. Try a few helpful hints for decluttering and organizing those beauty supplies, so they’re readily available when you need them in a pinch.

Instead of just dumping everything into a drawer, invest in flat drawer dividers to give your products some space. If your drawers are old or plain, invest a few dollars in some contact paper in a pretty pattern and cover the inside of your drawer with it. Grab a clear plastic divider to let the beauty shine through, and you’ve got a pretty little drawer for all that pretty makeup packaging. The beauty of it will make you want to keep the drawer organized. Rather than letting your beauty products sit on counter tops after getting ready in the morning, take a few seconds to put everything back in its place. The clean countertops will add peace to your home when you return after a busy day of work or chasing after kids.

If your bathroom lacks drawers and cabinets, there are some great wall solutions that can aid you with keeping everything organized. Many women have opted to invest in spice racks for storing bottles like face wash, lotions, or hair products. A beautiful metal tray serves well to hang on the wall. Glue magnets on the back of all your makeup and you can stick them to the metal tray to display all that beautiful packaging and keep your products off the counter. It’s easy for clean-up too.

If you have cabinetry and out-of-sight storage, don’t just throw all your products on a shelf. Invest in some shoe-box sized containers, and separate products into different categories: make-up, other facial products, hair supplies, and soaps and lotions are just a few possibilities you could use to create better organization. When you’re better organized, you can spend more time enhancing your beauty and putting forward your best face to the world!

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