The Value of Abdominal Exercise and Vitamins during Pregnancy

Almost all women who are pregnant can see the value of abdominal exercise during pregnancy. Even if one has never exercised before, it is generally safe to start mild exercises during pregnancy. These exercises will help prepare for the demand to a woman’s body during labor. Most women can participate in abdominal exercises during pregnancy, with doctor’s permission, to strengthen the stomach walls.

After labor and delivery, a woman with a strengthened stomach experiences a much faster recovery time. Abdominal exercise and vitamins, only as recommended by your doctor, during pregnancy, will also improve your appearance during the changes that occur within your body. Your doctor will tell you that without the proper vitamins your body can experience problems.

Basic Abdominal Exercise during Pregnancy

The side crunch – Laying on your left side, relax the right arm behind your head; then extend your right leg; next pull the knee upward towards the right elbow. Repeat this exercise daily for at least 3 sets of 25 repetitions. Then turn to the right side and complete the same movements. This exercise can be done three times a day. Start slowly and increase the number of repetitions from 5 up to 25.

After the first trimester, only execute the modified abdominal exercise during pregnancy. During the second and third trimester, it is NOT advisable to do any exercise lying on your back. The increased pressure from the heavier uterus on the vena cava (the main source of blood) can cause compression, producing the higher blood pressure and limiting the amount of oxygen going to the baby.

However, almost all abdominal exercise during pregnancy can be quickly modified by laying first on one side and then the other side to achieve the best strengthening.

Use Kegel for Abdominal Stretches

Kegel exercises will enhance your pelvic floor muscles. Simply squeeze the pelvic muscle 20 times, 4 or 5 times a day. It is the easiest exercise; you just have to do it. Kegel's can be done in the car, shopping, sitting on the couch when watching TV, sitting, standing, or walking --just squeeze.

As with all exercise, be sure to drink plenty of water (a minimum of 8, 8 oz glasses) to prevent dehydration. A full glass of water with your vitamins will help prevent nausea. You will overheat more quickly because of the pregnancy. Water will re-hydrate the body and flush away all impurities that can cause muscle cramping.

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