Seven Layer Cookies Recipe

Recipe for Seven Layer Cookies
 You need one stick of butter, a package of graham crackers, a package of chocolate chips, a package of butterscotch chips, a package of coconut flakes, a package of pecan pieces, and a can of sweetened condensed milk. You also need a 9x13 baking pan.
Put the stick of butter in the pan. Turn on oven to 350F and place pan in oven to melt butter.
Open one package of the graham crackers and dump into zipper type plastic bag, zip closed.
Using a rolling pin or the can of sweetened condensed milk, crush the graham crackers by rolling over the bag gently.
By the time you have a bag of nice little crumbs, your butter will be melted.
Pull the pan from the oven and move it around so the butter coats the bottom of the pan.
Pour the graham cracker crumbs evenly across the melted butter in the pan.
Using your hands, press the crumbs into the butter to make the crust. (Pan will be hot.)
Evenly pour semi-sweet chocolate chips on graham cracker crust.
Spread chocolate chips to a single layer, making sure to reach edges of pan.
Then evenly pour the Butterscotch chips on top of the chocolate chips.
Spread out the Butterscotch chips evenly, making sure to reach the edge of the pan.
Before opening the coconut flakes, loosen it up well, then layer on top of the chips.
Break up any coconut flakes with your fingers and spread to the edges of the pan.
The next layer is the pecan pieces.
Once again, spread them evenly across the pan.
Using a triangle can opener, poke a small hole on the top of the sweetened condensed milk and a larger hole across from it.
Drizzle the entire can of sweetened condensed milk over the entire pan of layered ingredients.
Make sure the sweetened condensed milk covers the top layer as much as possible and be sure to drizzle it against the edges of the pan.
Your oven is still heated to 350F degrees, so pop the pan in there for 30 minutes.
Remove the pan after 30 minutes and let cool on a wire cookie rack.
After cooling 15 minutes, take a knife edge or metal spatula and loosen all four sides from the edge of the pan. Then allow to cool completely.
When the pan is completely cooled, cut into cookie bars about one inch each. Enjoy!
This recipe was passed down to me by my mom.
I make them every Christmas and they are fabulous!


  1. Sounds and looks really yummy!

  2. Our family has made these cookies for eons and eons (with the nuts, though)!

  3. oh me that just sounds so decadent ........ oh yeah I need to make this one even though Christmas is over. A new way to start the new year

  4. I had forgotten all about making these cookies. I've made them before and they are always a great treat around my house. Thank you for reminding me. Great directions!

    1. Thank you! My family loves them too.

  5. oh my goodness these are fantastic! Thank you for sharing at the Cookie swap party, pinned! xo


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