Ology Healthy Home Products from Walgreens - Review

Walgreens has just launched a brand new line of healthy home products called Ology. Available exclusively in Walgreens nationwide, Ology products are free of harmful chemicals. They are also very affordable. I got the Ology Glass Cleaner, Ology All Purpose Cleaner, Ology Paper Towels and Ology Facial Tissue at my local Walgreens store for less than $15 total.
Ology environmentally-friendly products line also includes baby lotion, baby wash, liquid laundry detergent, liquid fabric softener, shampoo and conditioner, light bulbs, toilet paper and even copy paper. Ology paper products are 100% tree-free and made from readily-renewable resources.
I put my four Ology products to the test and I like them very much! The cleaners smell really good, work very well, and don't leave a chemical smell in the air. The box of facial tissue is a really cute design and the tissues work just as well as any other I've ever used. I used the paper towels with the cleaners and although they aren't as soft as some other paper towels I've used, they are just as absorbent.
I love it when companies strive to meet the needs of consumers and I think it's great that Walgreens has created Ology. Every little step we take towards caring for our families and our environment is important. And I can really appreciate the affordability of Ology products! You can find out more about Ology at www.walgreens.com and follow Ology on Facebook and Twitter.
Disclosure: I received a Walgreens gift card to purchase Ology in exchange for my honest review.

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