New Year's Resolution

When I see homes like this in photos, it never occurs to me that this is how people live in America. I took these photos in a small west Texas town last week. Most of the homes in the town look like these, or worse, with just a few tiny pockets of decent homes there.
I'm told this town has only 13K homes for 30K families. It makes me wonder how many small towns across America have homes like this. I wonder how many children grow up in places like these.
I wonder what I might be able to do to help. Just a few trucks of lumber and some nails would make a huge difference in the lives of these people. It made me so sad to see the children running through the streets in these neighborhoods.
We as Americans send so much money overseas to help the poor in other countries, yet there is so much to do right here at home. My resolution for 2013 (and beyond) is to do more for the poor in America.



  1. Good for you! More awareness needs to be done for the people here in America that are in need. Let's fix our own before sending overseas!

  2. I think that people who have a home are lucky, most can barely afford an appartment. We should focus more attention on the people who are homeless. Those who would look at these pictures of homes as a Godsend.


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