New Year's Eve Security

Having a New Year's Eve party? Here are 13 reasons why you should get security guards to make sure you, your guests and your stuff all get to see 2013. guardNOW can help you will all your security needs!

1. Your guests will be drinking - Security guards will make sure no one gets out of hand.

2. Stop any fights or conflicts before they escalate - Security guards will step in immediately.

3. Protect valuables from theft - Security guards will keep an eye on your belongings.

4. Control the door - Security guards won't let in anyone not on the list.

5. Assist hired staff - Security guards protect expensive DJ equipment or help move large items.

6. Help guests with parking - Security guards will help keep the parking area safe before, during and after the party.

7. Find rides for drunk guests at end of the night - Security guards can determine who is okay to drive and help call taxis.

8. Control the bar - Security guards will help cut off overindulgence at the bar.

9. Watch for vandals - Security guards help ensure no cars are broken into or vandalized.

10. Watch for threats to your home - Security guards are extra eyes to protect your home from things like tipped candles or badly tossed cigarettes.

11. Protect misplaced belongings of guests - Security guards keep watch on keys, wallets, purses, and cell phones.

12. Be your right-hand man - Security guards are the main go-to person to give you peace of mind.

13. End-of-the-night security check - Security guards will help you do a final, full check at the end of the party. A great idea if you're drinking too!

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