For the Hands-On Creatives

Anyone with a line of credit or some cash can buy a few cards and some gifts for loved ones, but store-bought gifts often lack creativity. If you possess artistic talent, the holidays provide an opportunity to highlight that talent and create memorable, unique gifts for your loved ones. Whether your skill is painting, graphic design, photography or even cinematography you can treat your loved ones to gifts they will cherish. Here are several ideas just for you.

Creating Cards

Holiday photo cards are more meaningful and personal than store-bought holiday cards. In some cases, they may even be less expensive. To create these, choose a photo you have taken, or take a new one, and upload it to your computer. Add enhancements and designs using your photo editing software. If you are using a customizing site, upload the photo to the site and choose your card template. Add text and check out the proof to make sure it looks as you wish it. In lieu of a photo, you can hand-paint your cards, or scan some of your paintings into your computer and use those paintings for printing all of your cards.

Creating Short Films

You can create short films as individual gifts for people or for showing at family holiday gatherings. Make it as you would any short film, and add sentimental or comedic aspects to the script that are relevant for your family. You could even “hire” a couple of family members to act in the film and make it into a “This is Your Life” type of film. Alternatively, you can use old family photographs in the video and create a video collage of memorable moments, set to music.

Creating Customized Creative Gifts

Thanks to many sites that offer customization, it is easy to put your designs and artwork on many different kinds of items. Put your own designs or photos on t-shirts, mobile phone cases, mouse pads, coffee mugs, puzzles and more. Choose the design you want to use, the item you want to customize and place your order in time to receive the gifts by the Holidays.

Framed Artwork

If you are a photographer or artist, choose a photo or painting you believe the recipient will appreciate. Have it professionally framed or frame the piece yourself. Add a small note card with a poem, or prose that explains the photo or painting and why you chose it or created it as a gift for that special person.


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