Fiction Untitled - A Novel Update


The door flew open and fear burst into the room as the girl appeared. Another white face, a bit younger, appeared behind her.

“He’s dead. He’s dead. I shot him. He’s dead.” The older girl spit out the words as she dragged the younger girl into the room. “What do we do now mom?”

All three girls searched her face for the answer, with eager anticipation. Yet, she could also see terror in their faces and she reached out her arms, inviting them all into an embrace. They came immediately, desperately seeking comfort. “What will we do now?” she wondered silently.

Missed the beginning? Find it HERE.


  1. Nice! I would love to learn how you became a published author, the steps that you have taken. It is my dream to become a published author, but, I'm pretty lost in the process! Thanks!


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