Thermal-Aid Zoo Natural Heating/Cooling Pack - Review

Thermal-Aid has introduced a collection of 100% natural heating and cooling packs for children that are 100% adorable and cuddly. These darling zoo animals help to reduce fever and relieve pain. I received Tiny, a pink elephant made from natural cotton. She's about twelve inches tall from tiptoes to the top of her head. Her arms, legs, and head are plush, while her tummy is filled with a specially engineered corn that works as a heating/cooling pack. The tummy feels like it's full of little pebbles that squish around. Her eyes are even stitched so there are no small parts dangerous to toddlers. The animals are also washable!
To heat Tiny the Elephant, I put her in the middle of the microwave for 60 seconds. She came out comfortably warm and very huggable. I can easily see how Tiny would help relieve pain, especially since her tummy filling helps to shape the heat around a sore spot, like a child's wrist or ankle. The animal theme helps to calm a distressed because Tiny the Elephant wants to help and is much less daunting that an adult-sized heating pad.
To make Tiny the Elephant become a cooling pack, I put her in the freezer for five hours. My preschoolers think she is simply awesome and everyone wanted to take turns holding Warm Tiny and Cold Tiny. There are five darling Thermal-Aid Zoo Animals - Tiny the Elephant, Ollie the Koala, JoJo the Monkey, Baxter the Rabbit and Happy the Hippo. There is also a line of Thermal-Aid Bears available in five colors. I'm glad it's an all-natural way to help them feel better and I definitely recommend them!
To find out more and order these sweet Thermal-Aid Zoo Animals and Thermal-Aid Bears, visit www.thermal-aid.com.
Disclosure: I received this product at no charge in exchange for my honest review.

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